Ardiden Ltd is committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which it operates and is working closely with First Nations Groups and stakeholders across all its projects.

Ardiden will:

  • Establish and maintain effective, positive and respectful communication with members of local communities and First Nation Groups
  • Develop meaningful relationships with First Nation Groups built on trust, honesty and communication
  • Ensure that First Nation Groups and local communities are consulted regarding any activities proposed by the Company that may have an impact upon them
  • Respect heritage and culture and ensure that activities are conducted in an acceptable manner
  • Respect environmental and social impacts of exploration and mining activities within communities
  • Ensure that activities comply with Canadian Law
  • Employ locally where possible and encourage learning, education and open communication


First Nation Groups

Ardiden is building relationships with three First Nation Groups across its 1088km2 of landholding – the Mishkeegogamang, Slate Falls and Cat Lake Communities.

The Company signed a legally binding Gold Exploration Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Mishkeegogamang First Nation of Ontario, Canada for the Kasagiminnis Gold Project and South Limb Gold Prospect. The Company has also signed a legally binding Gold Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the Slate Falls First Nations of Ontario, Canada; for the New Patricia West Gold Project. The signing of these MOU’s demonstrates the cooperative and mutually respectful relationship between the two entities. These MOU’s help secure Ardiden’s social licence to operate over the long term and the Company will continue to build strong relationships with local Communities.



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