ASX Announcements

December 2017 Further Thick Spodumene-Bearing Pegmatites Intersected (11 December)
November 2017 Results of AGM (30 November)
AGM Chairman Address (30 November)
Ardiden Corporate Presentation (30 November)
Strong Support For Development of Seymour Lake Project (30 November)
Cleansing Statement (30 November)
Appendix 3B (30 November)
Successful Capital Raising (20 November)
Trading Halt (15 November)
Further Outstanding Metallurgical Results From Seymour Lake (15 November)
Ardiden Corporate Presentation for Seymour Lake (14 November)
Thick Spodumene Bearing Pegmatites at South Aubry (13 November)
Ardiden Ltd Webcast (08 November)
New Thick High-Grade Lithium Intercepts at Seymour Lake (01 November)
October 2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (31 October)
Ardiden Shareholder Forum (31 October)
Quarterly Cashflow Report (23 October)
Quarterly Activities Report (23 October)
Ardiden Ltd Webcast (05 October)
Maiden JORC Resource Completed For Seymour Lake Updated (04 October)
Bulk Sample Metallurgical Testwork Commences In China (02 October)
Trading Halt (02 October)
September 2017 Appendix 4G (26 September)
Annual Report to shareholders (26 September)
Cleansing Statement (12 September)
Appendix 3B (12 September)
Ardiden Ltd Webcast (08 September)
Seymour Lake Drilling and Development Update (08 September)
August 2017 Flotation Testwork Produces High-Grade Lithium Concentrate (31 August)
Ardiden Ltd Webcast (25 August)
Ardiden Acquires 100% of Wisa Lake Lithium Project (23 August)
Response to ASX Aware Query (22 August)
Exceptional High-Grade Lithium Hits at Seymour Lake (18 August)
Response to ASX Price and Volume Query (18 August)
Trading Halt (17 August)
Second Drill Rig to Commence at Seymour Lake (15 August)
Appendix 3B (10 August)
Cleansing Statement (10 August)
Change of Director's Interest Notice (10 August)
Change of Director's Interest Notice (10 August)
Ardiden Corporate Presentation (08 August)
Results of General Meeting (08 August)
Cleansing Statement (02 August)
Appendix 3B (02 August)
Ardiden Options Highly Prospective Gold Project (02 August)
Trading Halt (01 August)
July 2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report (31 July)
Quarterly Activities Report (31 July)
Maiden Exploration Drilling to Commence at Wisa Lake (28 July)
Bulk Sampling Completed at Seymour Lake Lithium Project (27 July)
Ardiden Ltd Webcast (27 July)
Ardiden Acquires 100% of Seymour Lake Lithium Project (25 July)
Continued Drilling Success at Seymour Lake (20 July)
Change of Director's Interest Notice (18 July)
Change of Director's Interest Notice (18 July)
Amendment to the Notice of General Meeting (18 July)
Cleansing Statement (17 July)
Appendix 3B (17 July)
Ardiden Shareholder Roadshow (17 July)
SPP Offer Closed (11 July)
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (10 July)
Drilling Hits More Thick Spodumene-Bearing Pegmatite Zones (07 July)
Ardiden Signs MOU With Whitesand First Nation (06 July)
June 2017 Term Sheet to Fund, Design and Build Lithium Facility (28 June)
SPP Update (28 June)
DMS Testwork Produces High-Grade Lithium Concentrate (23 June)
Appendix 3B (16 June)
Ardiden Extends Closing Date of SPP Offer (16 June)
Expanded Spodumene-Bearing Pegmatite Zones at Seymour Lake (15 June)
SPP Offer to Shareholders (09 June)
Cleansing Statement (09 June)
Appendix 3B (09 June)
Cleansing Statement (06 June)
Further Impressive High-Grade Lithium Hits at Seymour Lake (05 June)
Ardidens Successful Capital Raising (05 June)
Reinstatement to Official Quotation (05 June)
Ardiden Announces Share Purchase Plan (05 June)
Ardiden Corporate Presentation (02 June)
Updated Corporate Presentation Notice (02 June)
Suspension from Official Quotation (02 June)
May 2017 Trading Halt (31 May)
Ardiden Corporate Presentation (31 May)
Mapping and Exploration to Commence at Bold Properties (30 May)
More Thick Zones of Spodumene-Bearing Pegmatite at Seymour Lake (30 May)
Thick High-Grade Lithium Hits at Seymour Lake (22 May)
Drilling Continues to Hit Thick Zones of Spodumene (17 May)
April 2017 Quarterly Activities Report (28 April)
Quarterly Cashflow Report (28 April)
Seymour Drilling Intersects More Thick Zones of Spodumene (27 April)
Seymour Lake Produces Exceptional Grade Lithium Concentrate (26 April)
Final Assay Results for Manitouwadge Graphite Project (24 April)
Multiple Spodumene Bearing Pegmatite Intercepts at Seymour (13 April)
Final Director's Interest Notice (13 April)
Encouraging Mineralogy Testwork From Seymour Lake (12 April)
Key Board and Management Appointments (12 April)
Ardiden Hits Spodumene-Bearing Pegmatites at Seymour Lake (10 April)
March 2017 Cleansing Statement (31 March)
Resource Drilling to Re-Commence at Seymour Lake Lithium (31 March)
Appendix 3B (31 March)
Ardiden Secures New Prospective Cobalt-Copper-Nickel Project (27 March)
Initial Assay Results For Manitouwadge Graphite Project (24 March)
Half Yearly Report and Accounts (14 March)
Canadian Graphite and Lithium Projects Drilling Update (09 March)
February 2017 Ardiden Corporate Presentation (17 February)
Ardiden Expands Resource Drilling Program at Manitouwadge (09 February)
Seymour Lake Produces High Grade Initial Lithium Concentrate (09 February)
Further High-Grade Results at Seymour Lake Lithium Project (08 February)
Numerous Large Flake Graphite Zones at Manitouwadge (01 February)
January 2017 Quarterly Activities Report (23 January)
Quarterly Cashflow Report (23 January)
Thick Mineralised Zones Intersected at Manitouwadge (23 January)
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